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MOSQUITO Forest Reverse

Bow type: Reverse reflex/deflex longbow
Riser: Zebrano + Ovangol
Limbs: Conically ground bamboo core, Carbon, Gordon Glass
Profile: Flat
Tip material: Micarta
Bow Length: 66""
Draw weight: from 35 - 65 lbs
Brace height: 7.5 - 8”
Complies with all regulations of: IFAA, FITA


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A combination of a Zebrano + Ovangol wood riser and blended ebony veneer. The shape of a reflex/deflex longbow with pronounced reflex limbs to achieve maximum speed. A perfect profile, meeting IFAA regulations and a unique visual design. The balanced reflex deflex ratio means the minimum of hand-shock and a fluid draw curve. The bamboo core with conically sanded lamination, stabilized with a Bo Tuff carbon lining, together with top-class fibreglass gives an excellent shot feel. The reverse profile guarantees the total accuracy of this model.

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