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Bow type: Reflex/deflex
Riser: Ovangol+ Ebony
Limbs: Palisander with conically ground bamboo core, Gordon glass
Profile: Trapezoid
Tip material: Phenolic
Bow Length: 64"",66"", 68"",70""
Draw weight: from 25 - 60 lbs
Brace height: 17 – 19.5 cm
Complies with all regulations of: IFAA, FITA


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1500.59 zl
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1240.16 zl

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A classic shaped reflex/deflex longbow. The balanced reflex and deflex means the minimum of hand-shock and a fluid draw curve. Arrow speed at 9 grains/ pound 178 fps. The bamboo core with conically sanded lamination, together with top-class fibreglass gives an excellent shot feel. Stability, minimum after-shot shock and excellent smooth draw curve. This all guarantees satisfaction from the MYSTERY bow.

Complies with all IFAA, FITA regulations