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Arrow Tracers CARTEL Arrow puller Shaft sizing die
Arrow Tracers 
Click to view details. CARTEL Arrow puller
Click to view details. Shaft sizing die
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Arrow tracers. Soft feathers design to illustrate an arrows flight path. The visibility of an arrow's flight curve is an important factor for instinctive archery. The brain perceives the arc of flight and the tracers show the bigger picture - perfect for instinctive aiming. Pack of 12. The Cartel rubber arrow remover has an anatomically shaped handle with V groove which allows safe removal of all types of arrow. A hanging hook for easy attachment to a belt or quiver ensures quick handling. Soft rubber. A suitable accessory for the safe extraction of arrows without damage or bending of all kinds especially with 3D targets. A must have for any serious archer. Shaft sizing die for 5/16 "11/32" and 23/64".
An excellent aid for sizing shafts before the installation of other components - tips etc.. Even the best produced shafts may have small variations in diameter due to the density of wood and moisture. This problem comes to light when installing component parts when the shaft has not been sized. This small tool helps us size the end of an arrow shaft perfectly.
Our special price: 3.60 € (inc. of VAT)
Our special price: 5.50 € (inc. of VAT)
Our price: 24.45 € (inc. of VAT)
Tracers barva
Thread cutter
Thread cutter
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TopHat® thread cutter

The solution to the issue of mounting threads for parallel threaded tips.
Our price: 2.63 € (inc. of VAT)


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