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Subdivision in department Arrows:


ALEX BOW arrows guarantee optimal performance characteristics – the best an arrow can get. Quality shafts, premium components and a meticulous approach to production.

Hand sorting into groups by spine value, marking the respective values and professional technological advances in production are just some of the small ways that Alex Bow arrow production is dedicated to quality.

Our professional arrows sets are demarked with very close spine values (+ - 1 lb spine range). You will not find that from other manufacturers.

Our arrow program is, through testing sets, focused on finding optimal spine values for the individual needs of archers.

Scandanavian pine

Professional shafts from Scandinavian pine size 11/32 . " The production material on these shafts is selected from the most wooded areas of Scandinavia . The process of making these shafts is totally different from other manufacturers. The shafts are cut and, before sanding, compressed (squeezed) which increases the density of the material. Such modified shafts have a constant diameter throughout their length and a perfectly smooth and glossy surface (enabling high-quality lacquering). Thanks to their density, the arrows are able to absorb more energy from the bow. This increases the speed of the arrow flight and achievement a lower flight curve. Shafts made of Scandinavian pine have good damping effect and hence stabilize quickly after release. The stiffness coefficient (spine) and flexibility of this material is substantially greater than cedar or other woods.

Standard spruce

Standard spruce shafts made of mountain spruce. A Simple options for a perfect arrow . Shafts are milled. Only 11/32 "


Classic cedar shafts from Rose City. Perfectly smooth surface and a strong smell of cedar wood. Only 5/16 "

How to choose the right SPINE of an arrow - simplified selection

Choosing the right spine is always a critical element for good arrow flight . First of all, the archer must know the actual draw weight of the bow. It is always advisable to measure the strength of the bow at your own draw length . From this data work out .

Difference in spine for the bow types

-wood Longbow 0-5 lbs

modern longbow +5 +10 lbs

Recurve +10 +15 lbs

Horsebow center +5 +10 lbs

Horsebow eccentric 0 +5 lbs

For example - if the archer has a modern longbow (fibreglass) he must count as the best SPINE for his arrows - the actual strength of the bow as 40 lbs to 28 " draw , select +5 +10 lbs . The final choice of spine lies on the border of 45-50 and 50 - 55 This simple tool will provide you with the best selection.

Selected department Arrows contains goods classified into subdivisions. Please choose some of the subdivisions noted above or use search for finding goods you want.


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