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Subdivision in department Profesional:

Alex Bow - Stingray and Kangaroo collection

A worldwide new number 1 by Alex Bow. The unique and worldwide patented collection of shooting gloves which is our professional series.

Alex Bow - Stingray line
A collection of shooting gloves where stingray leather is used in the most important parts. Ray leather is considered “immortal” and has a reputation as the most resistant leather in the world. It is 25 times stronger than cow leather or synthetic materials. It is resistant to scratch, puncture, burn and is naturally waterproof. The structure of the leather is made up of tiny bumps – beads - which are extremely strong, while the leather is still perfectly flexible. This structure prevents the bowstring from cutting through it like with normal leather or synthetic materials. Thanks to the beads on the leather, the bowstring is always held a little away and is not in full contact with the surface of the fingers of the gloves. It has an great influence on the cleanness of the string release - without influence of friction.
Your bowstring release will be cleaner than you have ever known.

Alex Bow - Kangaroo line
A collection of shooting gloves which uses the finest kangaroo leather in their most important parts. Kangaroo leather is characterized by its extreme tensile strength and high mechanical resistance. One millimeter of leather is composed of seven layers. This results in a natural resistance to tearing and abrasion from the bowstring. Its durability is extremely high. The unique structure and smoothness of the skin surpasses any standard materials used - making for a clean release. The quality of release of the bowstring a decisive factor for precision shooting.

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